Are Wedding Signs Necessary?

Are Wedding Signs Necessary?

Sarah Young


  • Navigational signs are necessary for guests to find their way through large or complex venues. It helps get people in place on time and keeps things running smoothly.
  • Table plans and table names/numbers are needed for medium and large weddings. They show people where to sit without them having to wander the room trying to see which place is theirs.
  • Personalized signs add charm and character, but are nice-to-haves. They enrich the guest experience by bringing practical elegance to wedding aesthetics.
  • For intimate gatherings or simple venues, signs may be minimized or foregone to keep things simple, keep costs down, and keep the focus on personal interaction among those who attend.

Pros of Wedding Signs

Navigational Ease

transluscent wedding welcome sign in garden

Image: Customised Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding signs help people to get from where they are, to where they need to be.

Even when distracted by visiting with friends or family, guests will be able to go directly to the place they are supposed to go.

The ceremony location, reception rooms, restrooms, and other important locations are easy to find.

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Table Plans

acrylic wedding table plan sign

Image: Acrylic Wedding Table Seating Plan Sign

Most medium-large sized weddings need table plans and seating charts. Having too many people wandering around trying to find their places can be chaotic.

Some people may even give up and take another’s seat. To avoid this, a table chart at the room entrance can direct people straight to their seats.

This also allows you to consider dynamics and relationships, to create harmonious groups and avoid unnecessary drama that can sometimes occur.

Thematic Consistency

vintage wedding theme

No matter what the theme or style of your wedding, wedding signs add to a sense of cohesion.

They tie the whole venue together, giving guests a familiar design or colour scheme that immediately shows them that they are looking at the right information – and it enhances your overall decoration.

Personal Touch

wedding welcome sign with quote

Image: 3D Wedding Sign A2 Size 

You can even add signs that display quotes that are meaningful to you as a couple.

Welcome messages by the entrances, thank-you messages near the gifts table, or even fun facts that many guests might not know about the couple.

How you met… When you knew you’d found that special someone… the possibilities are endless.

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Photographic Elements

Choose a design that suits your personality as a couple. They can be whimsical, display beautiful scripts, and even include elegant photography.

You can get inspiration with our wedding sign ideas post here.

We also discussed signs we consider essential here.

Cons of Wedding Signs

Cost Implications

couple calculating wedding costs

Customized signs can add a significant amount to the budget. High-quality products come at a cost, and you don’t want to use cheap ones, as they would drag down the overall feel of the event.

You can save some money by ordering well ahead of the date, and plan carefully which signs you really need, and how many.

Scouting out the venue in advance, with an eye for signage to restrooms and that type of thing, can help you decide what is really needed, and what is already covered.

You could consider smaller signs to reduce the cost, we discussed sign size in this post.

Environmental Considerations

Most of these signs will be one-time-use items, so there are environmental issues to consider.

Non-recyclable paper and plastic contribute to landfills and other issues, so it might be best to consider recyclable materials, or to opt out of using signs at all.

Perhaps additional ushers and hosts can serve instead.

That's why we wrote this post on re-using old signs.


Too many signs can get overwhelming. Instead of informative accents, they can look cluttered, stealing from the venue’s natural beauty or elegant design.

It is very important to use only those signs that improve the event, and not to overdo it.

When Not to Use Wedding Signs

Intimate Gatherings

Smaller, more intimate weddings don’t need much, if any, signage.

Personal guidance is easier with fewer guests, and venues are generally smaller too.

Fully Indoors with Clear Layouts

Venues that are all indoors and are not confusing to navigate, either because of a simple design, or because they already have clear signs to the pertinent areas.

Eco-friendly Weddings

garden party wedding theme

If you want your wedding to reflect sustainability and eco-friendly habits, then consider digital signage using the venue’s portable or stationary information screens.

Verbal announcements and ushers also mean less use of paper and/or plastics.


How many signs are too many at a wedding?

The goal is a balance between information, and clutter. All critical locations should be clearly marked, and the signs should be informative, but be sure not to overwhelm the space.

If possible, consider each location that a guest might hesitate or be unsure which way to go – that’s a good place for a sign.

Can I make my own wedding signs, or should I hire a professional?

If you have a knack for crafts and DIY – and the necessary time – this is an option. If you’re skilled enough, you can match your theme perfectly and add a personal touch to the overall look of the venue.

Consider which things you want to invest your time into, and which you want to hand over to a professional.

What should I consider when choosing the location for my wedding signs?

They should be very visible without being overwhelming, and they should be located in places where they are necessary.

Common places include entrances and branches in hallways. If restrooms are not plentiful or handy, then good signage will ensure quickest access when it’s needed most.

The signs should also use large enough print to be visible from an appropriate distance and should be well lit.

Remember that a sign that looks good in the light of a rehearsal, might be harder to see in the evening hours of a reception.

How can I ensure my wedding signs match my theme?

Begin by knowing your wedding theme well, and having some examples to share with a designer. You should know the colour scheme, and font preferences, and any materials you want to use. Remember that it can be important to share what you don’t want, as well as what you do.

You could also incorporate materials or designs from centrepieces or other wedding decorations into the signs, tying the whole venue and decoration scheme together into a unified design.

Wedding signs can improve the wedding experience for your guests, allowing them to focus on friends and family rather than struggling to find their way to locations on time. The signs can be beautifully tied to your theme and style without overwhelming the venue or feeling cluttered. Find a balance between the number of signs and the cost, environmental considerations, and scale of the wedding itself.

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