What Can I Do With My Old Wedding Signs?

What Can I Do With My Old Wedding Signs?

Many people opt to keep some of the elements from their wedding days as reminders.

If you want to repurpose your old weddings signs, you can do this by turning them into home décor or use them as photo backdrops to give two examples.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do if you want to repurpose your wedding signs once your celebrations have come to a close.

Use them as wall décor

wedding signs as wall art

Consider framing your signs, hanging them on the wall or using them as focal points in your bedroom or lounge.

A "Mr. & Mrs." sign can act as a wonderful addition to your bedroom. You can hang a "Welcome" sign in the entrance to your home.

Turn your wedding signs into photo backdrops

You can use the wedding sign as a background for family photos or holiday card photos.

A rustic wedding sign enables you to add a comforting and familiar touch to winter photos, and floral backdrops can create a springlike feel.

Garden art

neon sign in garden

You can also transform old wedding signs into distinctive pieces of art for the garden.

They can boost the beauty of your outdoor space and also be used as plant markers.

Create a memory wall

If you have a number of weddings signs, you could create a memory wall which shows off the many elements of your big day.

Hang your signs on the wall alongside save-the-date cards and wedding photos.

This enables you to create a gorgeous display that acts as a permanent reminder of your wedding day.

Give the signs to guests

If you have small signs, you could give them to guests as keepsakes.

Some people offer them to their guests as souvenirs at the end of their wedding days.

This prevents the signs from being sent to landfill and ensures your guests have a bespoke gift full of meaning.

Use the signs for other events

You can also repurpose your signs for other celebrations or events. “Love” signs can be used for Valentine’s Day and anniversary celebrations, and “Thank You” signs can be ideal for baby and bridal showers.

This adds to the life of your signs and helps you add a touch of personalization to other events.

Repurposing your wedding signs helps you keep your cherished memories alive in a highly creative and sustainable manner.

Upcycle your signs into new projects

Old wedding signs can provide a blank canvas for new projects. You can paint over them to create fresh artwork or repurpose the material for future decorative projects.

Many people transform old signs in order to create something new that reflects their personalities.

Seasonal directions

Wedding signs can also be transformed into seasonal decorations. You can use the welcome signs which guided your wedding guests to seats to welcome people into your home during festive celebrations.

This boosts the life of your signs and allows you to add a personal touch to your home at Christmas time.


There is no need to send your old wedding signs to the attic or landfill.

There are many meaningful and fun ways you can repurpose them.

You can give them away as gifts, donate them, upcycle them or integrate them into your home.

If you have any questions, feel free the leave them in the comments, or contact us at info@inketch.com

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