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40 products

Wedding Favours

Here at inketch, we offer high-quality personalised favours for your wedding guests to help them feel special, and thank them for attending your special day.

You can shop our range above, specifically designed to be best for weddings, but also appropriate for other events like birthdays, corporate events, and more.

What Makes Personalised Favours So Good?

Personalising your favours is a great way to show your appreciation for all of your loved ones who share in your big day, by making them unique to each guest.

These little tokens of gratitude can make them feel special as they help you celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.

The inketch range comes in many different shapes and sizes, from bookmarks and keychains to sweet treats and more, and includes both acrylic or wood.

Each one can be tailored to each individual guest, putting a unique spin on the traditional wedding favour.

Your wedding is a collection of beautiful stories, and custom favours are a wonderful way to share them.

For instance, if you’re marrying at a family vineyard, a custom-labeled bottle of wine from that very vineyard can carry the essence of your venue and the narrative of your union. Guests will not just enjoy the wine but will remember where it came from and why it was significant.

Personalized gifts make your guests feel truly part of the celebration, not just spectators.

A friend of mine once attended a wedding where the couple had hand-painted small pots with succulents inside. Each pot had the guest's name and a thank you note written in elegant script. This thoughtful gesture not only served as a place card but as a cherished keepsake that continues to adorn her kitchen window.

These favours are memorable, standing out in the minds of your guests long after the wedding day.

They often spark conversations and evoke nostalgic feelings when stumbled upon years later. Every time they use or see the favour, they'll recall the joy and love from your special day.

Our Range

Luggage Tags

Our luggage tag is perfect for a destination wedding a handle little keep sake which will be reused many times.

Drink Tags

These drink tags sit on the side of the glass like a wine charm, a perfect quirky little wedding favour keepsake!

Cocktail Stirrer

These cocktail stirrers are pretty similar to the drink tags but instead it is a drink stirrer.


Couples can choose custom-made keychains that have their names and wedding date engraved on them,


Small pouches filled with chocolates or other goodies that bear the couple's initials wih personalised tags on the outside.


A popular option are personalised bookmarks, these double up as place name cards, so you get two uses out of it!


Personalised coasters are a little bit more expensive as they are bigger but can be used for years to come and make a great favour gift. you can engrave dates, names and any other message!

Whatever style you choose, inketch favours make sure that every guest feels appreciated and remembered on your special day.