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Collection: Wedding Signage Bundles

Weddings Sign Packages

Wedding signage bundles provide couples with a complete package of signs to simplify the wedding planning process. These signs come in various shapes and sizes, designed to meet the needs of any wedding theme or decor scheme. They can table numbers, welcome signs, seating charts, directional signage and more. Wedding signage bundles are an essential part of the wedding day to complete the look!

10 essential wedding signs and on the day wedding stationery

1. Welcome Sign:

this is a large sign typically placed near the entrance of the venue, and can serve to express appreciation for guests attending the wedding.

2. Directional Signs:

these signs provide directions between different areas in the venue, helping guests find their way around. These signs can feature arrows, slogans or words with directional hints, as well as images of maps or other visuals.

3. Table Numbers or Names:

these signs let guests know which table they should go to for dinner or dancing. They can be hung from walls, ceilings, or even attached to chairs at each assigned place setting.

4. Bar Menu Sign:

this sign provides a list of beverages that are available for purchase at the bar, so that guests can quickly order their desired drink without having to wait in line for too long. Some couples have a signature drink each for their guests!

5. Photo Booth Sign:

this sign lets guests know where they should go if they want to take some fun photos with friends and family at the wedding reception.

6. Seating Chart Sign:

Also known as a seating char, this sign shows an organized list of each guest's assigned seating area so that everyone knows where they should sit during dinner and other formal activities throughout the night.

7. Order of the day sign:

this sign lets guests know what your wedding day entails at what time, this looks great teamed with the welcome sign.

8. Memorial wedding sign: 

this wedding sign is a sweet tribute to those who cannot make your wedding day.

9. Guest Book Sign:

this sign encourages wedding attendees to record notes and messages in a guest book located near the entrance of the venue, providing couples with a lasting memento from their big day. When purchasing our wedding sign packages we include these!

10 Cards and Gifts Sign:

this sign reminds guests of any gifts they may have brought for the bride and groom, letting them know where they can leave them safely during the reception festivities without worrying about forgetting them later on down the road!

wedding card box

11 Wedding Card Box:

is an essential item for couples to provide at the reception, as it serves as a place for guests to leave their cards.

our wedding packages can include as little as as much as you wish! see our wedding signage bundles above where you can buy all your wedding signs matching and arriving at the same time, we have over 6000 5 star reviews across our stores!