Wedding Sign Ideas

Wedding Sign Ideas

Your wedding day is your opportunity to celebrate your love story.

Wedding signs guide your guests throughout the day and enable you to add personal touches which reflect you and your partner’s journey.

Each sign gives you a chance to add a touch of your personality to your wedding.

Let’s look at ways you can create creative signage that ensures your signs aren’t just informative but memorable too.

Welcome Signs

Your welcome signs not only serve a practical purpose but allow you to set a tone of personalization and elegance as soon as your guests enter your space.

You have plenty of options available to you if you want to create something truly unique, such as mirrored surfaces that have your names and the date of your wedding etched into them.

Here are some ideas:

transluscent wedding welcome sign in garden

Image: Customised Wedding Welcome Sign

wedding welcome sign with quote

Image: 3D Wedding Sign A2 Size 

Personalised Acrylic Arch Wedding Sign

Image: Personalised Acrylic Arch Wedding Sign

Personalised Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

Image: Personalised Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign 

Wedding Welcome Sign A2 Size

Image: Wedding Welcome Sign A2 Size 

3D Wedding Welcome Sign Size A2

Image: 3D Wedding Welcome Sign Size A2 

Did you know? At Inketch, we offer an exciting range of personalization options on our signs so you can have the wedding you've always dreamed of!

Seating Plan Signs

Seating arrangements are essential when it comes to ensuring your reception runs smoothly. Make sure your seating signs or charts aren’t just lists.

You need to design these creatively to ensure are capturing the spirit of your event whilst helping your guests find their place.

Clarity is essential whether you’re opting for individual cards or a large framed chart.

Here are some ideas:

acrylic wedding table plan sign

Image: Acrylic Wedding Table Seating Plan Sign

Table Name & Number Signs

Stylish table name or number signs can help tie your theme together, as well as making it easy for guests to find where they're sitting.

There are many looks to choose from, including basic white background signs to more interesting acrylic signs.

Here are some ideas:

Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers With Stand

Image: Acrylic Wedding Table Numbers With Stand

Arch Wedding Table Numbers With Stand

Image: Arch Wedding Table Numbers With Stand

Mirror Table Numbers With Stands

Image: Mirror Table Numbers With Stands

Menu Signs

Your wedding menu deserves to be in the spotlight.

A lovingly-crafted menu will not tell your guests about the treats that await them but can act as a conversation starter too.

Options including handwritten chalkboards and sleek acrylic panels. Great presentation can send your dining experience to the next level.

Here are some ideas:

gold wedding menu sign with stand

Image: Wedding Menu Sign With Stand

Signature Drinks Menu

Image: Signature Drinks Menu 

Table Numbers and Wedding Menu Sign With Stands

Image: Table Numbers and Wedding Menu Sign With Stands

Gifts and Cards Signs

Lovingly designed signs at cards and gift tables allow you to show off your appreciation in advance.

Craft these signs with care and incorporate them into your overall design to display your attention to detail, thoughtfulness and gratitude.

Other Table Signs

Need more ideas? Below we've compiled an assortment of further wedding signs:

transparent wedding guest book sign on table

Image: Wedding Guestbook Sign with Stand

small in loving memory sign with candle

Image: In Loving Memory Sign with Stand

transparent wedding favour sign on table

Image: Wedding Favour Sign with Stand

Quote Signs

Consider adding your favourite sayings or quotes into your wedding décor via signs. Ideas include love quotes that are relevant to your relationship and humorous sayings which speak volumes about your personality.

Place these signs around your venue strategically to add a touch of surprise and make your wedding a delightful, memorable one.

Love Timeline Signs

Love timeline signs enable you to share the most important moments in your relationship including your first ever meeting and proposal.

This kind of sign can act as a storybook page of your journey so far and help your guests connect more deeply.

acrylic love timeline sign

Hashtag Signs

A custom hashtag sign is essential in the modern age.

It can encourage your guests to share the moments that they have captured so you can create a digital treasure trove of memories.

Choose a unique hashtag to ensure all your shared content is easy to access. This will help both you and your guests to relive your big day from a host of perspectives.

Directional Signs

Some wedding venues can be hard to navigate. Directional signs that have clear lettering that’s easy to read ensure everyone can find their way to your ceremony, the reception, and other important areas.

Create a sign that fuses functionality with great visual appeal and use designs and materials which complement the décor of your wedding.

simple arrow wedding reception sign

Photo Booth Signs

Encourage your guests to create memories through a creative photo booth sign.

The sign should tell guests about the location of your photo booth and inform them about the fun backgrounds and props that are waiting for them.

rustic wedding photobooth

Interactive Signs

Think about using signs which invite interaction.

These can include wish trees where your guests can hang written signs or leave fingerprints on canvasses.

These signs work wonderfully as unique decorative elements and help you create unforgettable experiences for your guests, so they feel integral to your celebrations.

wedding wish tree with hanging notes

Choosing Sign Styles Based on Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme should determine the kind of sign you choose.

Here are some of the most popular themes alongside their most suitable sign styles.


regency wedding theme

Regency-themed weddings should have elegant fonts, elaborate designs, and a colour palette with rich jewel tones and soft pastels.

Consider floral embellishments, gold foil lettering and ornate frames.


romantic wedding theme

If you’re opting for a romantic wedding theme, think about floral motifs, delicate lighting, and soft hues as well as pastel colours, light fabrics, and calligraphy.

You may also wish to opt for candles or fairy lights.


alternative wedding theme

Perhaps you want to create an offbeat theme? If so, you could opt for alternative options like moody colour palettes, materials like reclaimed wood, acrylic and metal plus bold, unconventional fonts.


vintage wedding theme

Those opting for a vintage theme can choose weathered textures, antique-influenced décor, and retro fonts.

Aged wood, lace, and muted colour schemes and popular when it comes to signs for vintage-themed weddings.


whimsical wedding theme

Quirky designs and bright colours are ideal for weddings with whimsical themes.

Think about opting for playful fonts, vibrant illustrations, and unconventional shapes alongside a mixture of textures.


modern wedding theme

Geometric shapes, clean lines and sleek typography are ideal for people creating a modern theme. Materials can include metal and acrylic.


rustic wedding theme

A rustic wedding sign can be created from materials like lace, wood, and twine. This kind of design can include earthy tones and simple lettering to create a homely, natural look.

Garden party

garden party wedding theme

If you’re holding a garden party wedding, you can create signs that feature elegant fonts, hand-painted flowers, and botanical illustrations.

Materials often include wood and chalkboard.


bohemian wedding theme

A bohemian wedding sign can fuse tranquil elegance and natural elements.

Oriental rugs and decorative pillows can help you create a bohemian atmosphere, and signs can have organic shapes and earthy colours.


desert wedding theme

A desert theme can have southwestern motifs, natural textures, and a warm colour palette. Signs can include sun-washed colours and geometric patterns.

Southern Charm

A sign for a Southern Charm wedding can include elegant scripts, soft colours, and monograms.

Traditional formal

If you’re opting for a traditional formal theme, choose opulent colours, luxurious fonts, and embellishments like silk ribbons.

Art Deco

An Art Deco wedding sign can have sharp lines, bold geometric shapes with luxe textures and metallics.


A maritime-themed sign can have blue and white signs plus motifs including sailboats, ropes and anchors.

You can opt for materials like canvas and weathered wood alongside a clean, crisp font.

Eco-friendly or natural

If your wedding has a sustainable theme, create signs from recycled materials and natural colours.


A celestial theme can have constellation patterns, a colour palette inspired by the night sky and starry motifs.

When it comes to materials, consider a dark background with metallic lettering.  


A tropical wedding sign can feature palm leaves, floral patterns and vibrant colours alongside bold and bright fonts and materials like clear acrylic and bamboo.


A preppy wedding sign can include uplifting fonts and motifs including chevrons and stripes as well as bold patterns and bright colours.

Christmas and holiday season

A holiday-themed sign can include seasonal colours, warm, sparkly fonts, and Christmas trees.


If your wedding has a travel theme, choose signs with destination names, vintage maps and motifs inspired by travel.

You could include elements like passport stamps, globes and luggage tags.

Cottage core

Cottage core signs can have floral prints, soft colours and rustic materials to create a sense of comforting nostalgia.


Maybe your wedding has a literary theme?

If so, you could include famous quotes, book motifs and vintage fonts as well as pages from books that you love or classic illustrations.

Creating magical moments through signs

Wedding signs aren’t just decorations. They tell stories and guide your guests through the most important day in your love story.

Prioritize creativity, clarity, and personalization to ensure your signs serve practical purposes and become unforgettable highlights of your celebrations.

Make sure each sign reflects your journey, your personalities and the love which connects everyone attending your event.

If you have any questions, feel free the leave them in the comments, or contact us at

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