What Wedding Signs Do I Need?

What Wedding Signs Do I Need?

There are so many different types of wedding signs to choose from, which can make planning your wedding decor confusing and slightly overwhelming.

We're here to demystify the types of wedding signs, and help you prioritise your wedding budget.

In this article we'll discuss the signs that are essential on your wedding day, as well as signs that are nice-to-haves if you have the budget.

Essential Wedding Signs

We consider these signs to be the bare minimum to ensure a well organised wedding day:

The welcome sign

transluscent wedding welcome sign in garden

Image: Customised Wedding Welcome Sign

This sign sets the tone for your big day and also marks the start of your new journey.

When a welcome sign is well-designed and placed at the entrance of the venue, it can create a sense of excitement and warmth.

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Ceremony signage

You need to install clear signage to instruct your guests as they move from the entrance to the main ceremony space or as they enter the Church.

These signs inform guests of your seating arrangements (planned or flexible) and can be used to tell guests to turn off their mobile phones.

It also ensures everyone is present when you say your vows.

Reception directions

simple arrow wedding reception sign

Signs can make getting to your reception area less confusing, particularly if it's in a larger venue like a hotel.

They can also be used to direct people to your cocktail or dining area and keep disruption to a minimum, ensuring guests move smoothly from one area to another.

Table plan, table numbers, and place cards

acrylic wedding table plan sign

Image: Acrylic Wedding Table Seating Plan Sign

Well-organized seating plans are essential. Place cards and table assignment signs can be used to guide guests to their seats and ensure everyone can comfortably find their spot.

This kind of organization ensures a harmonious dining experience and helps your guests celebrate without the stress and strain of looking for their seats.

Need inspiration?

Cards and gifts sign

Cards and gifts signs ensure your guests are directed to the appropriate area so they can leave cards and gifts.

This sign serves a practical purpose and contributes to the décor, when matched with an aesthetically pleasing table.

These signs give you a subtle but effective way to manage your guests’ generosity so you can focus on immersing yourself in the big day without worrying about how secure your gifts are.

Toilets and accessibility signs

Clearly marked signs for toilets and any accessibility features that might be available ensure all your guests feel catered for.

They show you have made an extra effort to accommodate everyone.

This is particularly important if toilets are located in another room or slightly out of the way.

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Nice To Have Signs

These signs will help add to your day, but can probably be skipped if you don't have the budget for them:

Menu and bar signs

gold wedding menu sign with stand

Image: Wedding Menu Sign With Stand

Menu signs give your guests a preview of the culinary delights that await them.

You can also use them to show you are catering to your guests’ allergies and dietary preferences.

Bar signs tell your guests which beverages are available, which may include special cocktails.

You can also add bar opening times to these signs. This improves service and the guest experience.

If you're having an open bar, include that on the sign (here's a good example).

Photobooth and hashtag signs

 rustic wedding photobooth

Photobooths encourage your guests to capture their memories, and are very popular as wedding entertainment.

The sign can add a funny quote, guide them on where to add a photo + note to a book, and tell them about your wedding hashtag.

This delivers a greater sense of joy and ensures memories are collected across various social platforms.

Exit and thank you signs

When your celebrations are coming to an end, exit signs can be used to send guests down their departure route, while thank you signs let you show your gratitude for their attendance.

An exit sign is likely only required if it's different to the way guests came in, or it's a complicated route out of the building.

This can ensure no one has a bad end to the night by missing pre-booked taxis.

Guest book sign

transparent wedding guest book sign on table

Image: Wedding Guestbook Sign with Stand

A guest book sign lets you invite your guests to leave their signatures and well-wishes.

They ensure you have a timeless keepsake that you can cherish forever.

These signs enable you to encourage participation and capture the thoughts of the guests who shared your big day with you.

Memorial table sign

small in loving memory sign with candle

Image: In Loving Memory Sign with Stand

Memorial tables allow you to remember those that are no longer with us. This sign tells guests about the significance of the table and reminds them that loved ones are there in spirit.

Favours sign

transparent wedding favour sign on table

Image: Wedding Favour Sign with Stand

If you are providing favours, this kind of sign can draw attention to these thoughtful gifts and ensure they’re not overlooked.

A short message such as ‘please take one’ and a brief message about the significance of the favours allows you to add a personal touch and make the favours feel even more magical.

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Custom hashtag sign

Custom hashtags for weddings ensure memories are shared in a central location.  They also encourage guests to connect and view the event through each other’s eyes.

A sign that features your hashtag will encourage guests to tag photos and help you create a digital reflection of your big day.

Transportation and shuttle information

If your wedding has transportation arrangements for your guests, use clear signage with shuttle times and destinations to make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

This is particularly helpful when venues only have limited parking or are in remote locations.

Quiet space sign

Sometimes, your guests may need a short break from the festivities. A sign that tells people where the quiet space can be very useful when guests need a moment of tranquility.

Ceremony unplugged sign

Unplugged ceremony signs politely tell guests to switch off their cameras and phones so they can fully engage themselves in your event.

These signs ensure professional photographers are able to capture moments without them having to challenge guests to get the best shots possible.

It can also prevent unwanted photos on social media before you're ready to share the professional shots yourself.

Kid’s area sign

If you’re offering a designated space or activities for kids, a sign can direct parents and children to this spot.

This ensures kids have a safe and fun place to play whilst parents celebrate with you.

Shoe station sign

If your wedding is taking place on a beach or in a garden and guests may need to go barefoot, a shoe station sign can tell them where to leave their footwear.

Baskets and shelves for shoe storage can ensure everyone remains comfortable during your outdoor event.

Personalized quote signs

wedding welcome sign with quote

Image: 3D Wedding Sign A2 Size 

If you incorporate signs with meaningful quotes, this can help you add a personal touch to your event, especially if these quotes mean a lot to you and your partner.

These quotes can include lines from movies, songs, and love letters. You can scatter these signs throughout the venue to share your story with guests.

Timeline sign

Timeline signs which outline the events of the day help your guests understand the schedule of your event and know exactly what to expect.

They ensure that everyone is in the right place, at the right time.

Social media photo frame

Physical photo frames or cutouts with your wedding hashtag encourage your guests to take fun photos that they can share on their social media accounts.

This kind of interactive sign can work as a decorative element as well as an activity.

Late-night snack or food truck sign

If you want to surprise your guests with late-night culinary treats, signs can help you alert them to this. This sign can help you create a great deal of anticipation and ensure your guests stay around for the finale.

Final Thoughts: Helping You Prioritise

We hope you found this article on choosing your wedding signs useful.

By incorporating these signs into your wedding, you can improve the logistics and add to the emotional and visual appeal of your day.

Each of these signs has a purpose, guiding your guests and ensuring your special day is a truly memorable one.

If you have any questions, feel free the leave them in the comments, or contact us at info@inketch.com

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