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14 products

Collection: Wedding Welcome Sign

Welcome wedding signs are a wonderful way to greet your guests and set the tone of your special day. These wedding welcome signs can be personalised to fit your wedding theme, with an array of materials and colour such as wood or acrylic and we have over 20 colours to choose from.

Arch wedding welcome sign

You may have recently see our feature for our arch wedding sign in Tatler magazine.

gold arch wedding sign

When creating a welcome to our wedding sign for your wedding day, You want something that is easy to read and will stand out from any other decorations. Additionally, you may choose to use motifs that represent you and your partner, we say less is more on your welcome signs.

Order of the day sign

Another great way to make your guests feel welcome is by including relevant information on the sign itself beside it. This could include the order of events, or directions to any other activities taking place during the ceremony. By displaying this information upfront, you’ll save time answering questions later and give everyone a clear idea of what will take place throughout the day. This can be purchased in addition to the wedding sign and make a great pair together.

3D Welcome wedding sign

Are you stuck on what colour to go for? Check our our double layer welcome signs, you can choose two colours and they have a 3D effect.

Finally, don’t forget about making your wedding welcome sign personal! There are many ways to add a unique touch to these signs. For example adding quotes that encapsulate how your relationship began or simply adding a heartfelt message expressing gratitude for their attendance can be very touching.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a welcoming sign for one of the biggest days of you and your partner’s lives! With some thoughtful consideration and creativity, you can make sure everyone feels right at home when they arrive at the ceremony.

Wedding Sign Bundles

We also offer wedding sign packages where we can run the whole theme through all of your wedding signs.