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Wedding Place Names

Here at inketch, we have a huge range of unique place names, from drink tags to bookmarks. We have wedding table decorations to suit all wedding types. Our range includes acrylic and wooden place settings.

They provide a modern yet traditional look that will help tie together the whole décor of your venue. Not only do they look amazing but they are easy and quick to create giving you plenty of time to focus on other important aspects of your event planning.

Our personalisation is really simple:

  1. Visit the product page you like.
  2. Select the number of guests you have from the "Quantity" dropdown box.
  3. Select your preferred colour from the "Colour" dropdown box.
  4. Add your personalisation into the large personalisation box - this can be your name, wedding date, and a list of guest names (depending on the product you've chosen).

If you're ever stuck as to what to do next to order, simply use the live chat button in the bottom left of your screen, or contact the inketch team here.

Why Choose Acrylic Name Place Cards?

Acrylic name places are an elegant and modern way to make sure that the place settings at any event look the part. These cards also look fantastic at birthdays, corporate events, baby showers and now. Our range are 3mm thick which makes it ideal for for reuse.

Our range can be customised with different fonts, colors, shapes and sizes to match any theme or design.

They can also be printed directly onto the acrylic itself or etched into the acrylic with laser engraving technology. Etching allows you to add extra details such as logos or images – perfect for corporate events.

The acrylic are also robust enough to withstand multiple uses making them great value for money over time too!

Wedding Favour Setting Ideas

We love to combine a place name setting with a wedding favour, like a personalised bookmark or a luggage tag, it gets 2 things ticked of your wedding shop and makes a lovely wedding keepsake for your friends and family to take home.

Opting for personalised wedding name tags allow guests to easily see who is sitting where, while providing a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wedding table setting.

Here are some more ideas for you to consider:

Understanding Your Venue’s Layout

When choosing where to place guest names at your wedding venue, it's essential to consider the overall layout and flow of the space.

A thoughtful placement not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to a seamless guest experience.

For instance, if you're celebrating in a grand ballroom, an elegant display near the entrance, utilizing a mirrored table or a floral arch, can serve as both a guide and a decorative element.

Consider the Theme and Style of Your Wedding

Your wedding theme plays a pivotal role in selecting the appropriate spots for name placements. For a rustic wedding, integrating names into natural elements like stone, leaves, or wood can create a harmonious look.

Alternatively, a modern wedding might benefit from sleek, minimalist cards positioned at each setting or incorporated into the centerpiece design.

Guest Experience and Flow

Optimizing guest flow through strategic name placement can prevent bottlenecks, especially during the reception's onset.

Place names should be in addition to a table plan sign, to avoid large groups of people moving between tables to find their seat.

Placing name cards on a centrally located table, or having ushers guide guests to their seats, can facilitate smooth movement. Also, consider the visibility and accessibility of names, ensuring they are easy to read and reach.

Personalization and Creativity

Adding a personal touch to your wedding names not only captivates but also makes guests feel special.

A friend of mine used beautifully scripted name cards tied to tiny, hand-painted vases as favors at her garden wedding, blending functionality with a memorable gift.

Impact on Photography

Envision your wedding photos with beautifully laid out name places. These details can add depth and interest to your wedding album.

Positioning name cards in visually striking areas ensures they are captured as part of your day’s beautiful moments.