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Collection: Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake topper ideas

Wedding cake toppers have become popular decorations that create a beautiful, personalized touch to your special day. A cake topper is a great way to make your wedding cake stand out and communicate who you are as a couple. With so many creative ideas available today, you can find something unique and memorable for your big day.

To add an extra personal touch, consider customizing your wedding cake topper with names, date of the wedding, or even a funny phrase. Some popular wedding cake topper ideas include figurines of the bride and groom, monograms featuring both your initials, a wedding cake topper with dog or cat or something that represents a favorite hobby or interest. 

Wooden wedding cake toppers

Wooden wedding cake toppers a perfect for a rustic wedding. These toppers are typically cut in our laser engraving machine, so you can rest assured that each wooden wedding cake topper is cut to perfection. Wooden cake toppers for wedding look great with many cake designs, including casual cakes decorated with fresh flowers or elegant cakes decorated with lace.

All of our wedding cake toppers come with a wood or acrylic option. 

Acrylic wedding cake toppers

Acrylic wedding cake toppers offer a modern, contemporary look for your special day. These acrylic wedding toppers are typically made from durable acrylic material and can be customized to match any colour scheme or design. Whether you choose an acrylic monogram topper or a custom design wedding topper, it's sure to bring an extra touch of sparkle to the big day.

Initial wedding cake toppers

Whether it's the initials of you and your partner's first names, or even just the first letter of each of your last names, these initial wedding cake toppers provide a simple yet elegant way to finish of your wedding cake. Another option is initial wedding cake charm with out the stick, it looks stunning pressed on the size of a wedding cake.