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11 products

Magnetic Save The Dates

Looking for a unique way to tell guests about your upcoming wedding?

Look no further - our personalised acrylic magnets are here! These bold, eye-catching magnets will surely make your guests remember to save the day. They can stick to the fridge for a constant reminder. They come in a so many shapes to including hexagon and disc magnets.

We have wooden magnets for a more rustic touch, or our Heart shaped magnets for a loving reminder that's very popular.

Why Choose Magnets Over Other Options?

Maximizing Visibility with Style and Function

Choosing the right method to announce your big event is crucial. These wedding date invites from ensure your special day stays in plain sight—affixed to fridges and cherished as a daily reminder. This smart approach keeps your date front and center, reducing the risk of overlooked or forgotten details. With our free UK delivery on orders over £40 and custom personalization for each order, setting the tone for your wedding begins here.

Custom Designs That Reflect Your Love Story

Imagine creating a save the date that's more than just an announcement—it's a piece of art. At, custom designs allow you to infuse elements that are uniquely you.

Whether it’s a photo from your engagement shoot, elegant gold and white themes, or even rustic wood textures, the perfect design is about making a statement that resonates.

Our commitment to unbeatable quality is evident, with each piece designed and handmade in-house, ensuring that what you envision is what you get.

Economical Choices Without Compromising Quality

Concerned about budget?'s custom magnets are a cost-effective choice. You can enjoy bulk order discounts, ensuring you get a high quantity without compromising on quality.

This makes them not just a recommended choice for their aesthetic appeal but also for their practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Seamless Ordering and Super Fast Production

The planning process should be as stress-free as possible. With, once you finalize your design, our super fast production time of just 2-3 days means your magnets will be ready almost as soon as you are.

Coupled with our helpful customer service available from 9 AM to 5 PM to answer any of your questions, managing your order becomes a breeze.

A Lasting Impression

Not just for weddings, these magnets can also be customized for other significant events, such as milestone birthdays or anniversaries.

The versatility and utility of magnetised announcements from make them a perfect keepsake that can be treasured long after the event has passed.

In essence, choosing these magnets combines practicality with custom style, creating a memorable and efficient way to ensure your guests mark and remember your special day.