11 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love by inketch

11 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love by inketch

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- 11 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love


Wedding favours are a great way to show your appreciation to your guests for celebrating your special day. There are lots of traditional wedding favour ideas, such as sugared almonds and small trinket boxes, but if you’re looking for something more unique, here are 11 alternative wedding favour ideas that won’t break the bank! Personalised wedding favours are always a hit as they double up as wedding place name cards.


1. Personalised Candles:

Choose from a variety of scented candles with personalised labels featuring your names and wedding date – perfect for providing a romantic ambiance in any room.

candle wedding favour
Etsy: wedding favour candle

2. Personalised Coaster:

A personalised coaster makes the perfect wedding gift, it is a wedding place setting plus a practical wedding favour gift your guests will use! 

Here is the link to personalised wedding favour coaster


3. Succulent Plants:

Succulents are a great way to add some life and colour to your wedding favours – plus, they’re low maintenance and can last for years!
wedding favour succulents
Get your succulent wedding favours cheap on amazon here!


4. Scratch Card:

Costing only £1, give your guests a scratch card as a wedding favour. You never know, someone might win big! (you can always trick a friend or family member with fake scratch cards winning £100k, a little bit mean but if you know they can handle it, it could be a good joke!)


5. Personalised Bookmark:

Why not double up a wedding place name with a personalised Bookmarks for your guests to remember your special day and they will get use from them afterwards. Get yours here!

bookmark wedding favour place name
Wedding favour bookmarks

6. Personalised Luggage Tag:

Having a destination wedding? look no further than our personalised luggage tag wedding favour, a handy wedding favour that will get years of use! Get your personalised wedding favour tag here

personalised luggage tag wedding favour

7. Customized keychain:

Customised keychains make a great and unique wedding favour idea. Choose from a variety of styles, designs and shapes that are sure to suit. We have some available at an affordable price here.

keyring wedding favours
Personalised Keychains

8. Shot Jars:

Cute shot jars with a personalised label, we've tied the knot, take a shot!

wedding favour shot glasses

9. Miniature Jam Jars:

Fill miniature jam jars with a selection of jams, honey, or chutney to give your guests something tasty to take home. Spread the love!

jam jar wedding favours


10. Gourmet Popcorn:

Package up some gourmet popcorn in small bags with customised labels featuring your names and the date of the wedding – it’ll be sure to make mouths water!

Link to Gourmet Popcorn

11. Seeds Packets:

Give each wedding guest a packet of seeds that they can plant to commemorate the special day.

 seed wedding favours
Here is the link to the picture above here! 

No matter what type of wedding favour gifts you choose, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests. From personalised bookmark wedding favours and hand-painted stones to succulents and gourmet popcorn – there are plenty of unique ideas out there that will make your special day even more memorable for everyone who attends. If you need help picking the perfect wedding favours, our team is ready and waiting to provide assistance. With these 11 alternative ideas in mind, we hope you can find something meaningful that expresses just how much you appreciate having each guest at your big day!

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