Why use drink charms at a wedding -  By Inketch

Why use drink charms at a wedding - By Inketch

Why use drink charms at a wedding?

Wine glass charms add an elegant finishing touch to your wedding.

They can be used as favours and are a perfect keepsake after the wedding.

wedding wine glass charms with table numbers

Guests can take the charms home

Personalised drink charms make a wonderful keepsake from your special day.

They can be taken away and used again.

wedding drink names tags for wine glasses

What is the point of wine glass charms?

Wine glass charms are a popular way to decorate glasses at special occasions.

The main point of the charms is so guests don't muddle their drinks up and can easily identify their glasses.

Decorative charms can be added to the base of the glass or even the edge your glass.

Each charm is unique in design which helps identify their glass.

wedding drink tag names

What is a wine marker?

Also known as wine glass markers, these small decorations can be continue the theme and colours of your wedding or themed party.

wine glass marker

Themed wine charms

Charms come in a host of designs - from frosted glass look or plastic, acrylic or wood.

Glass charms can be personalised by name, or a theme from music, flowers or sport.

We even have Christmas themed stocking name tags for a glass.

stocking name tag glass charm

Acrylic place holders

These acrylic place holders are personalised and simply clip on to your guests glass. Colours include rose gold, mirror silver and frosted green.

Reviews on our site show our customers love these affordable charms. Search online and read through the dazzling reviews and the see the regular price for these glass markers.

clip on name champagne tags
wedding wine charms

Heart place name holders

The delicate design of these place holders makes them ideal for a host of special parties. From baby showers, to birthdays, heart place name holders can be used at weddings or hen parties.

Currently in stock these acrylic name markers sell out fast and can be delivered to the UK for £1.50.

The price starts at 50p each for a sample to test out the colour.

Guests names are printed on one side and they can be reused.

heart drink charms for baby shower

Cocktail glass name holders

There are so many categories of glass holders, and these stunning cocktail glass name holders are hit on our site.

The personalised drink charm label sits alongside the length of your champagne glass, perfect for toasting the happy couple.

Our cocktail glass name holders come in many colours - from brushed gold and silver, wood effect, clear and rose gold.

cocktail stirrer drink tags

How much do wedding wine charms cost?

You can see the different costs depending on the numbers of charms you buy on our site.

Wedding Wine Charms can cost as little as 50p each for a tester sample, it is £8 for 10, but the more you buy the cheaper the drink tags become and can act as a small gift your guests can take home.

wedding wine drink name tags

How do you make wine glass charms?

Handmade charms offer a wonderful personal touch to your special day.

You can write a message on the tags, or add crystals to the decor.

You can pick up some cheap craft decor when you are out shopping which might be suitable for your special day.

wedding wine charms

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