Baby Shower Cake Ideas 2024

Baby Shower Cake Ideas 2024

Sarah Young

What's a baby shower without a cute AND delicious cake as the centrepiece?! We're here to save you some precious planning time with a roundup of our favourite baby shower cake ideas and decorations. Whether you prefer bright and fun or neutral and cool cakes, here's how you can personalise them to make your celebration special. 

Neutral Baby Shower Cake

When it comes to gender-neutral baby showers, embracing soft colours and understated decorations is the way to go. One popular choice is a cream or nude cake adorned with teddy bear decorations.

neutral baby shower cake

Alternatively, our exquisite 'Oh Baby' cake topper adds the perfect touch of fun and celebration. It's the ideal way to convey your excitement for the upcoming arrival without revealing the gender!

baby shower cake decorations

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Think pink for baby shower cake decorations for a girl! Keep it traditional with florals and bows or go modern with butterflies or pearls.

baby shower cake for girls

To make your cake more memorable, personalise it with a cake topper that doubles up as a cute keepsake:

personalised baby shower cake decorations

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

A blue-themed cake is a classic choice and we're loving all the creativity we're seeing recently! Check out this moon and stars cake with toned down colours:

baby shower cakes for boys

Why not swap out the fondant stars for cake charm decorations you can use again and again? Our Personalised Baby Shower Decorations below are available in a range of acrylic colours to fit your theme.

personalised teddy cake decorations

Baby Shower Cup Cakes

If you're considering an assortment of treats for your baby shower, don't overlook the charm of baby shower cupcakes. And to make them even more delightful, we offers a range of baby shower cupcake toppers to add a personal touch.

personalised baby shower cup cakes

Luxury Personalised Baby Shower Cake Toppers

For those who want to add a touch of luxury to their baby shower cake, our 'Pregnant Lady Baby Shower Cake Topper' is a lovely choice. This topper beautifully captures the essence of pregnancy and motherhood, celebrating the incredible journey that's about to begin. 

baby shower cake charms

Whether you're looking for a neutral cake, a girly masterpiece, a boyish delight, or even elegant cupcakes, our collection of personalised baby shower cake toppers and decorations will elevate your event to a whole new level of charm and beauty. Explore more cake decorations and let your creativity run wild by visiting Inketch's website. 

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