Wedding Decor Checklist: Drinks Edition

Wedding Decor Checklist: Drinks Edition

When it comes to planning a memorable wedding, attention to detail is key, and one aspect that should never be overlooked is the drinks! Elevating your wedding decor with creative and personalised drink elements not only adds a special touch but also keeps your guests refreshed throughout the day.

In this wedding decoration checklist, we'll explore fantastic drink-related decorations to make your big day even more special!

Custom Drink Stirrers

Add a unique and personalised touch to your beverages with wedding drink stirrers. These charming accessories can be customised with the couple's names, wedding date or a short but sweet message. Whether you opt for sophisticated calligraphy, playful designs or heart stirrers, they are sure to delight your guests and make your wedding drinks stand out.

Are you wondering how many drink stirrers you need for your wedding? The rule of thumb is to have at least one drink stirrer per guest, but it's always a good idea to order a few extras in case of last minute changes or keepsakes for cherished memories. 

His and Hers Wedding Drink Menu

Include a signature drink menu that features your favourite cocktails or that reflect your personality. These can be displayed at the bar or drink station - guests will love the personal touch and appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the drink selection. Our fave? Always a mojito!

signature drink menu wedding

Acrylic Drink Tags

Personalised drink toppers add to your tablescape and look great in guest's photos. At Inketch we create glass tags and toppers to suit everyone so you can easily match any decor scheme. Our acrylic drink tags are available in an array of shapes, sizes and fonts - so everyone knows whose glass is whose! 

initial drink topper

Wedding Drink Tickets

Add an element of excitement to your wedding by incorporating drink tickets. Create your DIY wedding drink tickets with unique designs and let guests exchange them for their favorite beverages. This interactive approach adds a fun and engaging aspect to your wedding, leaving guests with lasting memories.

wedding drink ticket

Wedding Drink Station Ideas

For a wedding that oozes charm, consider setting up a serve-yourself drink station. Whilst rustic wedding drink stations are very popular, we also love a more polished look. Go for dispensers, glasses and accessories that fit your wedding scheme for the best result!

wedding drink station ideas

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